The Key to Your Heart

The Key to Your Heart

Here’s a romantic way to tell the lady of your life that she has the key to your heart. The first step is to purchase 0.5 carat gold key charm amethyst necklace from Galaxy Gold. Don’t forget, you want to send the necklace either to your office or a trusted person’s house since this is a surprise.

While you are waiting for your necklace, go to the store and buy a small lock box. When the necklace comes put it in the box with a note that says “this is the key to my heart”. Now lock the box. Place the box in a place she will find it like on the washer machine or some where else she will find it. In the morning, leave the key on the table with another note that says “find the box”.

When you shop for amethyst jewelry at Galaxy Gold, you can have more fun and romantic times.

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